About us

Who we are


WELHOUS™ is a young and creative collective that lets inspiration spark its creativity..

WELHOUS™ is a platform on which we share our quality products and our take on modern lifestyle(s)..


What we do

@ WELHOUS™ we strive to create timeless, minimalistic, quality pieces and share our creativity..

We also collect and publish innovative and inspiring lifestyle products/news on our Blog.

Why we do it


As a product of colonial history and a melting pot of cultures we feel the need to educate, inspire and bring other people/movements/communities under the attention of our customers and followers..

We are inspired by every day struggle, real heroes and peoples of different races/faces/cultures and beliefs coming together..

As creative beings we are at our happiest when we have the possibility to create and share our take on things..

As our minds are overflowing with ideas and creativity , WELHOUS™ gives us a platform to unbend, create and share in a noble way..

Where we do it

Factually we are situated in The Netherlands, Europe.

Actually we don’t think a place or country tells the story of who we are, what we stand for or what style we bring..

WELHOUS™ will not be pigeonholed..