Lee jinyoung designs mini silicone skulls to brew your tea.


The story of buddhist master wonhyo drinking water from a skull was the motive for the ‘skull tea infuser’ by lee jinyoung of i-clue design. According to the story, as the religious figure was traveling to China, he and his companions were forced to take shelter due to harsh weather conditions. Later that night, he was overcome with extreme thirst and drank water from a chalice he had stumbled upon in the cave. Upon waking up the next morning, the men realized that they had been residing in ancient tomb among corpses of the dead. this led the monk to deduce that he had used a skull as a cup to quench himself. Wonhyo became amazed at the idea that he had actually found the drink to be refreshing and arrived at the epiphany that the human mind is capable of transforming our perception of reality.


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