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Product designer Oscar Lhermitte has collaborated with design studio Kudu to produce; ‘MOON‘ is a lunar globe that combines science & art to create an active 3-D model of the moon. It’s a truly accurate 1/20 million replica of the moon with all the craters, elevation and ridges. The topo data came from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

A ring of LED lights revolve around the globe, recreating the lunar phases as seen from Earth. As the round light or “sun,” rotates around the globe, dramatic shadows are cast across its surface.

With three settings, you can manually twist the moon to the position you desire, place it on demo mode to let you see all phases in 30 seconds, or switch it to live mode to have the piece synchronize with the current position of the moon itself. In addition to a physical similarity to the moon, the globe also has an intrinsic connection to it. MOON’s computer system has the exact same memory as the Apollo 11 computers that landed the first men on the earth-orbiting giant.

You can check out more about the project on MOON’s Kickstarter.


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