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  • monique-grimord-empathy-bomber-project
  • monique-grimord-empathy-bomber-project

The Empathy Bomber Backpack

The Empathy Bomber Backpack is a speculative object designed for the extreme activist of the near-future as an empathy-hacker. The story uses biological contraband as a tool, a chemical metaphor of the ’empathy warfare’ that defines our globe, and its borders, today. Let’s imagine a world where genetic home gardening and hormonal engineering is commonplace.

While swerving through the internet an image caught my immediate attention. After learning more on the subject, it made me curious what the intentions of the creator was and what the meaning behind it was.

The subject is quite topical and grimy, but after learning more on the meaning behind it, it firstly felt as a relief and later even as an inspiration.

The vibe is activistic, rugged and guerilla, but the message is peace and love. You could say that monique grimord hijacks the tactics of terror in the ‘empathy bomber project’ and uses it for good.

Where hormonal engineering and biological contraband has become the weapon of choice. the speculative story of the ‘empathy bomber’ by monique grimord starts in a northern italian city. two bio-hacking activists have perfected a compound that releases intense doses of oxytocin; a hormone which creates feelings of contentment and increases bonding.