It’s a bird? it’s a plane? it’s just a lamp? No! it’s The Lampster.. The young cartoon lover in us got really happy when we came across this dope new project. It has everything man or kid-adult would imagine or want when picturing a lamp. It looks tough, it’s functional, it combines multiple functions in one and is made to last..

Radu and Andrew, two young dudes one a architect and the other an engineer, teamed up to create ‘the lampster‘, a lamp made out of old tractor headlights. It started as a sort of joke, but after hitting kickstarter it got funded within 24hours.

The Lampster features a sturdy, super hero body and a head made from old recycled tractor headlights. It can be custom made to your preferences and the total RGB scope of lights can be controlled remotely by an app on your smartphone. Stay seated because the possibilities don end! The Lampster can even be synced to the beat of your own music..
Have a look at the clip to know/see more about this project!