Some of us will never forget the seed of imagination that one scene in ‘Back to the Future‘ planted in our brains. It being 2016 now, we can all see the young’ns of late rolling around on their led lighted supposed hoverboards and we’ve also experienced the buzz around the supposed real hoverboard created by Lexus. After investigating the buzz, it got known that the Lexus board only works on/with a magnetic circuit. Well in the slipstream of these developments an actual real hovering board has been developed. This hovering board called; ‘The Arcaboard‘ has been developed by ‘Arca Space‘ and uses 36 high powered fans that produce 270 horsepower to make this vehicle rise up to as much as a foot high and makes you move freely over/across all surfaces.

Arca Space is a corporation that creates state of the art commercially available products. What defines them the most is that they are bringing things to the market technologies never thought possible, while keeping the costs affordable. In the past 17 years they’ve built and launched a series of aerospace vehicles that made ARCA one of the most well known organizations involved in the development of private space flight.

Interested in copping this new age tech? Well make sure to have deep pockets, cuz the damage is around $19.900