• moon-hoon-wind-house-duck-hairdryer-volcanic-jeju-island-south-korea

On a popular volcanic island south of mainland korea, architect moon hoon has constructed a series of compact suburban dwellings, including a home contained within a golden beak-shaped volume. the form of the striking addition references both local weather conditions, where strong gusts play a huge part in the island’s climate, and the shape of a woman’s hair blowing in the wind.

located in a residential neighborhood one hour from jeju city, ‘wind house’ has been designed for a doctor with an interest in contemporary art, music and cars. The client commissioned moon hoon after seeing his architectural projects online. he found me through the internet, and told me that the strangeness and differentness inherent in my architecture attracted him,’ explains the architect. ‘he wanted three small houses which would be weekend accommodation for tourists. he emphasized that the new structure should have a unique character, and of course very functional at the same time.’


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