Recently a mind-boggling collection came to our attention and it really struck us on an inspirational level. We had to know more about it and those who were responsible for this min-boggling experience. Quickly after diving into the storie behind this brand we found out more about the interesting characters behind it and it’s inspiring collection.

Fantich and Young are these artists behind the brand and they were kind enough to bless us with an answer to all the questions that arose in our boggled minds..


Who are Fantich & Young?

Fantich & Young are Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young. We met in the east end of London in 2005; we were sharing a studio space in a place called Hackney Wick. We started working together in 2008 because we saw more creative possibilities open to us than working individually.

Mariana is originally from Uzhgorod in the Ukraine and Dominic is from Bristol in the UK. We have both been processed through the education system and have both achieved a BA and MA in Fine ArtBefore teaming up Mariana was a professional media specialist and artist and Dominic was a professional drummer (Ikara Colt) and artist..


What is ‘Darwinian Voodoo’?

Darwinian Voodoo is a new pedigree lifestyle brand by the artists Fantich & Young..


A new ‘pedigree’ brand?

We called it a ‘pedigree’ lifestyle brand to highlight the satirical facets of the work..


Please explain the ‘Apex Predator’ collection:

 Apex Predator is a product of the Darwinian Voodoo brand..


How should it make people feel?

Like the 1%..


What did it mean to you guys creating it?

Our art entails a conceptual approach to the manipulation and juxtaposition of symbolic ready-made materials. Our art skewers these ready-made materials and subvert their meaning and relationship to each other. All the materials are chosen to endorse the concept of the particular work in question. The amalgamation of aesthetics and concepts are important to our art practice.


What did you want to achieve?

Like the majority of artists we created and intended our artwork to be seen and interpreted by the widest possible demographic. The work Apex Predator allowed us to achieve that ambition. The fact that so many diverse people from around the world connected with the work still makes us smile. The work straddled the creative disciplines of fashion, design and fine art, so with hindsight the demographic audience was always going to be larger than our other artworks.


It seemed to us that a lot of the inspiration was gained from ‘African culture’.. Is this true? Could you understand why we’d think that? Was their any research done into certain cultures?

African culture was an influence and we can see why you would think that but its only part of the story; we take inspiration from many eclectic sources. Artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys, Méret Oppenheim, Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol and Barbara Kruger were influences. As well as documentaries and films such as The Century of the Self, The Corporation, F for Fake, Eyes Wide Shut, The Wicker Man (1973) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). When we started our artistic partnership in 2008 we focused on the subjects of Darwinism and Social Darwinism so Charles Darwin, Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Dawkins, Edwin Black and Mike Hawkins were on our reading list.

As 2 beings with different brains and thoughts. How do you guys work or create together? And do you also have similar taste in your regular lives?

Basically the concept of the work is that we subvert Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection and put them into a supernatural context, which is a contradiction and contradictions create tensions and tensions create ideas for us..

creativity is a like a magic trick, once you know how its done its no longer fun, but yes contradictions are important to us.

we don’t necessarily share the same tastes in interiors, cars and music but we have more in common than you think, we are married for one..

Are you yourselves (used to be) religious in any way?

Some people say that “There are no atheists in foxholes”, but other people say “There are no atheists in foxholes isn’t an argument against atheism, it’s an argument against foxholes”..

What other contradictions/tensions in life interest/fascinate you? Could these lead to any other brand/collection?

Science and Magic is enough at present to be getting along with..

We have a few ideas up our sleeves, so we will see how things develop..


When will the ESTORE go online?



What would the stocks be like?

Limited Edition..


Price range?

“If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it”..


Check out their website for more about their work: ‘Fantich & Young’