As ruthless @afropunk fans we came across a very talented and outstanding Jamaican-based visual artist named Ricardo Edwards. We consider his art as poppy illustrations infused with Jamaican culture influences and almost manga-like features. The drawings/paintings are socially and politically loaded at times and rife with symbolism-  Hence the bloody police officer wading through water with a horned skull covering his face..




Ricardo says his detailed portraits are each infused with little fragments of his personality. Afropunk beautifully called it a “mind-blowing experience of beautiful renditions of Afrofuturist images.”




“My main inspiration comes from my culture and the exploration of my own obscure thoughts,” Edwards explains to Artists of Jamaica. “Motive? to express myself and hopefully inspire. If my work inspires or motivates at least one person in this reality before I die, my purpose would’ve been served.”


Ricardo Edwards on behance here

Ricardo Edwards website here