• nike air vapormax flyknit multicolor
  • nike-air-vapormax-flyknit-laceless-multicolor

Back in March 2017 Nike made a multicolor option available for the Air VaporMax Flyknit and the Air Max on Nike ID. What’s too bad about this availability, is that it was only available for 24 hours. Sadly our editors caught this option too late, but we just had to report on it.

We hope Nike releases this shoe again soon or makes the Nike ID option available for a longer period. For those who knew and got a pair i hope they don’t release it again, because you’ll be instantly rich..!

Luckily we saw Nike is getting ready to release a laceless version of this Air VaporMax, so be ready and watch Nike’s every move. As the 24 hour ID option is a documented reason why to do so.

Dwell and drool on the pictures of these sexy MF-ers!



images: Sneakers Addict