Nod Labs envisions we’ll soon be interacting with our smart televisions, set top boxes, home appliances, connected lighting systems, and just about anything else connected to our home networks with their Bluetooth-enabled gesture controller ring, Nod.


Inside Nod’s jewelry grade stainless steel finish are 80 different components, resulting in a 32K DPI high-precision controller for swiping, rotating, multi finger and 3D gestures; multiple Nod rings can even be used for additional two-handed gestural control.

Connectivity is handled via Bluetooth Low Energy and an app, connecting the tech jewelry into a point-and-gesture peripheral for compatible devices, including Google Glass, Nest, Hue, GoPro, WeMo, LG TVs, Roku, and Windows 8 computers. The Nod can also be used with an app-enabled gestural glide keyboard or operate as a remote camera shutter trigger for snapping selfies, all rated for 24-hour battery life, weather sealed, and waterproof for up to 165 feet.