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As announced we are proud to say we’ll be releasing the 1st piece of the ‘ZION‘ collection on the 1st of July. The black and white polka dot t-shirt is the evolved and improved off-spring of our previously released basic black & white long t-shirts. The success of the basic black and white long tees inspired our will and creativity to produce more.

Thus the black and white polka dot long t-shirt, the first release in our quest for ‘ZION‘…

The black/white polka dot t-shirt is of a slightly heavier, durable and breathable combed Egyptian cotton. Like with our basic black and white long t-shirts it has that same touch of elastine to give it that ability to bounce right back into that immaculate fit.

There are only 50 pieces made of the exclusive black/white polkadot long tee and these are all that will be made.

Within the ‘ZION‘ collection (a) piece(s) will be released¬†sporadicly, so please don’t hold us to releasing according to traditional seasons.